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IM2001 is a freeware and open source instant messaging software for Windows.
At date of today there are already hundreds of users and many companies are adopting this software  instead of classical Microsoft Messenger, AOL IM, Yahoo messenger, etc. since, using external messaging systems, there are security problems; by using this software you can set up an internal instant messaging service within your company and use new incoming communication channel is growing daily!

Here some feature built inside of this software:

Any message has been encrypted before being sent on the network and only the recipient can decrypt it. Also any communication through client and server has been encrypted.
The messages has been encrypted two times and also a digital check has been applied in order to guarantee the message integrity.
Any message has a return receipt, so under stress conditions the messages will be sent and delivered even if the user is offline!
All communications stay on local network so no information jump on Internet
SDK for creating your chatting software even to AOL IM server

Client functionalities

Check if user is on line
My Profile updating
My picture/icon
Send/receive messages in clear or encrypted *
Send/receive smile's
Snapshots sending
Advanced info for each message
Send/receive files
Auto Replier (answer machine)
SDK for creating own interfaces
Prebuilt auto replier messages (under developing)
Auto Reply depending of the sender (under developing)
My status (busy, away, etc.)
Interoperability with AOL IM (under developing)
Interoperability with Microsoft Messenger (under developing)
Who is on line?
Where my screen name is?
All buddies
Search a buddy
Chat/Meeting rooms in clear or reserved
Return receipt for messages
Expiration date for messages
Buddies groups
Message stored for a long time in case of auto reply on
Multi recipient sending message
Ready for public/private key for security exchange without passwords (under developing)
Serving last used encryption password depending of buddy
Messages to offline users
Checking IM server identity for more security
Automatic screen name creation and password recovery
Sharing desktop
Talking (under developing)
Automatic upgrade
Sound warnings
Multi profile on same computer
Conversation printing
Completely local log of conversations

Server functionalities

Infinite sockets depending of limitation of machine
Client validation for any activity (hi secure)
Full web administration
Messages queue
Taking care of messages even if the recipient is offline
Offline messages
Total log of any activity on sockets (visual and on database)
Statistics of usage (messages a day, messages a day per screen name, messages a screen name, not using since X days, delivery average, etc..)
Storing clients' configuration
Never stop the service even in the event of software errors
Force clients shut down or log off/on
Messages to the clients
Force closing all connections
Manual increase of sockets available
Sending to client the last version and url for downloading available
Not recognized session immediately closed and freed
Tracking client versions and informing users to upgrade
Customizable port for communication (under developing)
Log on Microsoft Access database
No messages stored on server
Policy Manager


IM2001 client installation contains .ocx written in Visual Basic that allows you to create your custom interfaces or a new entire chatting application.

The ocx are named:

DF_IM2001.ocx: this library is used for communication with IM2001 using IM2001 protocol

DF_AOLIM.ocx: this library is used for communicating with AOL IM server

DF_MSN.ocx: this library is used for communicating with MSN server

IM2001 client works 100% with these libraries.

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